Marketing and Communications Manager at WWF-Singapore

“At the moment I signed up for the master, I was working in the social media department of an agency but I wanted to learn more about strategic communications and other areas outside of digital and I knew the only way to do that was enrolling a course or a masters. Researching on Internet I found this master and the list of professors, speakers and the topics involved seemed right to me and I knew Blanquerna was a good university so I was very excited about it. Something that also influenced me was the fact that this was an international master and lessons were in English.

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city with offices from the most important organisations across the globe, so I think Barcelona is a good place for this topic. Regarding the expectations, some of the lessons/seminars and specially the working trip in United States were very interesting, empowering and motivating. However there were some other lessons or classes that I did not find that relevant.

It was very inspiring to meet most of them. All of them are great professionals with amazing careers and experiences to share. I learnt something from every single one of them. I feel very grateful specially to Silvia Vilchez, who led my master’s thesis on DKV.”


“My tutor in Saint Petersburg State University, Dimitri Gavra recommended me this MA, because at the moment I was searching for MA to continue my education. This was for me the key point as well. Also he told me that our professor from Public Relations department, Pavel Slutsky, will give some lectures there. I was happy to hear that, because professor Pavel is a very knowledgeable person.

We had professors from all over the world, plus we visited some companies in Barcelona and in the USA, it was very expensive and gave us a nice experience and knowledge from real cases. Barcelona holds many worldwide events. I suppose Barcelona is moving towards the goal, to become global communication capital in Europe.

This master met my expectations, I was very happy with all content, with professors and with knowledges they gave us.

I think the beauty of this MAis that there are professors with different experiences and background, and they were ready to share all they have with us.


Event operations at Solo events group

“The MA opened to doors to highly trained professionals and professors from around the world. Learning their skills and their experience adds a rare electric advantage. The program is catered towards preparing students on changing climate where its increasing crucial for research, strategy, and tactics to be efficiently carried out. “


When I applied to Blanquerna’s Masters in the Strategic Management of Global Communication program, I had been working as a Senior Radio Producer for the United Nations Mission in Liberia. We used radio programs and campaigns to inform, engage and educate Liberians nationwide on peace, security, social and economic issues. After six years in radio, I felt that it was time to zoom out my radio-focused lens and study the field of strategic communications and its management.

The Master’s deepened and broadened my understanding of communications and prepared me for expanded roles and responsibilities in the field. Soon after completing the degree, I became the Public Information Officer for the UN’s Ebola Response Mission in Liberia. Without the knowledge gained from the program, I would not have been able to expertly create Mission-focused communication strategies, curate the Mission’s reputation, advise senior leadership on political and cultural issues affecting the Response, conduct media and government relations initiatives and initiate and implement important community outreach programs.

The knowledge gained from the program has been invaluable.

Living in Barcelona is an amazing experience. I now have a working knowledge of Spanish and Catalan language and culture. I travelled extensively throughout Catalonia and enjoyed the regional cuisine. I also developed awesome long-term friendships. Great Program. Great Experience.