This Master’s degree will provide students with a deep understanding of the principles of global communication leadership and management within companies and organizations that operate in a fast-moving international context.

Students will gain the tools needed for communication and public relations in global entities of this nature and will also pay particular attention to the practices of diplomacy, institutional relations, and corporate communication as responses to the increasingly urgent need for companies to achieve social legitimacy.

The main objective of this course is to prepare future leaders of multinational businesses and global organizations to act as agents of change in the most important areas of corporate global communication. The program meets the need for new communication leaders and managers with a global outlook and an up-to-date understanding of the best practices and the new tools needed to ensure that corporate objectives are aligned with those of society.

Faculty members include prestigious teachers and practitioners from the USA, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe.

The course is designed both for company professionals seeking specialist, cutting edge training in the field and graduates interested in discovering the profession or consolidating their future, either in Spain or abroad, as communication leaders and managers for multinational businesses and global organizations.


The Program will focus on providing students with the following capabilities:

  • To build strategies and use techniques suitable for the assessment and management of Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy in multinational companies.
  • To manage effectively the communication challenges and the crisis communication plans, both inside and outside the organization.
  • To create global Public Relations campaigns in the field of Public and Corporate Diplomacy, as well as of Corporate Social Responsibility, within the local and global context. 
  • To lead and motivate teams to conduct effective strategic communication projects in the international arena: employee engagement, community engagement, brand content and storytelling, as well as media training, among others.
  • To become a change agent, by aligning corporate values with the social changes


  • Chief Communication Officer
  • Global PR and Communication Hub Director
  • Global Corporate Communication Director
  • Executive Manager in Strategic Communication
  • Global Communication Strategist Consultant
  • International Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Officer
  • Global Crisis Manager Office
  • Corporate Government Manager


  • Taught by scholars and industry professionals
  • Collaborations with companies and institutions
  • Best professional practices
  • Networking business promotion


  • Programs of professional specialization
  • Immersion in the materials, strategies and tactics of high demand in the marketplace
  • Job opportunities and networking after graduation
  • Professionals career path


    L     E       A      D      I      N      G            T      E     A      M     

Enric Ordeix, PhD
Academic Director: MA-Strategic Management in Global Communication

Co-director: and BE Global Communication Center

President Global Communication Institute

Board member: and

ÀNgels Rotllan, PhD
Coordinator: MA-Strategic Management in Global Communication

Coordinator: MA Global Communication Strategic Management

Corporate Communications Consultant Executive Director-

Carlos Cascante Serratosa, PhD
Business Director: MA-Strategic Management in Global Communication

Managing PartnerImpulse Business Consulting, S.L.

PhD in Advertising and Public Relations School of Communication and International Relations Blanquerna- URL; BBA & MBA ESADE Business and Law School–URL; MA-Philosophy Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Coordination at the Working Conference in the U.S.

Spencer Kimball, Emerson College in Boston (Boston-Washington) and Public Affairs Consultant.

Advisory board

Dr. Gregory Payne; Emerson College of Boston (Boston-Washington) and Advisory Board Director.

Averill Gordon; AUT University (Auckland, New Zealand) and International Team Advisor.

Chris Pentz; BCom, BCom (Hons), MCom, PhD. Lecturer (Stellenbosch University), Teaching Areas: Strategic Marketing, Global Marketing, Retail Management.

Cristina Ventura; Chief Catalyst Officer reporting to the Chairman & CEO of LCJG, Asia’s pre-eminent luxury lifestyle Group.

Pavel Slutsky; Specialist in PR, PhD in Political Studies, Communication Arts Department, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) – Associate Professor; Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia).

Emerson-Blanquerna Center for Global Communication was created to advance the dynamic academic partnership between Emerson College and Blanquerna, Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Institucionals by creating new opportunities for research and teaching collaborations in the field of global communication.

As an initiative, the Center will connect Emerson and Blanquerna students and faculty members through projects and special events related to public diplomacy, international marketing, digital media, sports communication, public relations, and political communication, among other areas of common interest.