Master students present their master thesis in Global Communication at Blanquerna

The end of a year of Success!

Recent graduates from the MA Strategic Management in Global Communication course at the University of Ramon Llull will show their master dissertation on 28 September at 4 pm.

This master’s degree responds to the growing demand of a global sector. The master gathers the tendencies set by the leading communication and public relations agencies and consultancies in the world. In addition, they also learn crisis communication, leadership skills from specialists from all over the world – United States, Europe, India, Australia, etc -, and strategic communication management authorities, who will participate actively in the master’s degree.

Master Graduates in Global Communication

As an important part of the program, students have to accomplish a final project. Students will be tutored by teachers from the Emerson College of Boston (Boston-Washington), AUT University (Auckland, New Zealand), Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and industry professionals from all over the world. They will be integrated into the relevant university research faculty (with access to seminars and research meetings, databases, library and computing resources) to promote their induction in the faculty (eg- mobility cases) and to help with their master’s dissertation (methodology, workshops…). They will write their master’s dissertation and will be encouraged to select a set of 4 seminars (between 40 ECT credits) plus the final project (10 ECT credits), the stay in the US (7 ECT credits) and the professional experience (12 ECT credits) to gain opportunity with PR professionals in global brands. The master will have 69 ECT credits in total.

All students will present their final dissertation at the Faculty on Friday 28 September at 4 pm. Come and join us!

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